I went to the doctor’s this morning after getting a surprising 9:10 appointment. He examined my knee by prodding and poking around, and after finding that I had very little pain with this, announced although I didn’t have a serious problem, I did have an inflamed tendon. Good that it’s been diagnosed, bad that I’ve got something I need to take care of.
So what can I do about it? Well, rest is certainly the key. No running for me for 2 weeks at least, I reckon, and certainly no 10 mile race in September. More weeks that I’m not available to run, so really limiting my build-up training with less than three months to go. But…I’m not giving up! No way. In fact, I still have a great feeling I’ll line up on November 2nd ready to give it a go. I’ll have a do at swimming. I’ll use a cross-trainer. I’ll cycle. I’ll stretch. I’ll take anti-inflamatories. I’ll wear my knee protection. I may even go for physiotherapy. The dream will still live on.

I’m up late tonight as wanted to watch the swimming, and I’m so glad I did! Rebecca Adlington swam a fantastic 800m freestyle, obliterated a 19-year old world record, won by six seconds and will take home her second gold for GB. And she’s still a teenager!!! Good going, girl. I’m just listening to our anthem as she stands proudly on the podium. Dame status will surely await you.

The other big event was half-man, half-dolphin Michael Phelps attempting to win the 100m butterfly. This time he wasn’t the favourite for it, and had serious competition from people who probably hadn’t swum as many miles as he had this week. This was a chance to equal Mark Spitz’s record of seven golds in a single Games, and with the USA almost guaranteed to win the relay to get his eighth, this was THE race he had to win if we wanted the clean sweep.
At the turn, Phelps wasn’t even in the top three. With 10m to go, his dream was over. He and his Serbian rival reached for the wall, and it was clear that Phelps wasn’t going to make it. I sighed as I watched his arms come out from each side making his last lunge stroke as Cavic was just inches away. And then the result came up: 1. Phelps 2: Cavic. History had been made.

But hang on a minute – that’s got to be wrong! Cavic touched way earlier than Phelps! Is something amiss here?? Wow – check the replay – Cavic glides the last few inches but is agonising too early as Phelps grabs the side just 1/100 of a second ahead. I just can’t believe I just saw that! Someone must have given him some invincibility potion as this man defies all logic and is unbeatable here.

Damn. Better get to bed as have to be up by 10:30 to watch the rowing. Great day ahead – footy season starts, not to mention the men’s 100m final. My prediciton – Bolt in 9.66 seconds. Why not? These Games are something special, after all.

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