I’m a published author. “26 Miles to the Moon” is available for order at the links below

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As for the rest of my writing, here is where I’m showcasing my efforts at writing for all to read. Whilst far from being prolific, I’ve had a number of stories accepted, and I’ve listed the main ones below. I’ve even had a couple published in paperback in anthologies, so I must be doing something right!

There’s a number of sci-fi and horror ones here, and admittedly a few of which are quite dark, for no other reason than I found it easier to write in that style when first starting off. I’m trying to write much more lighter topics now to avoid worrying family and friends.

(Note: If any links are broken, the stories may have been moved or deleted after a while by the publishing website. I’ll investigate and try to get them up somewhere else.)

Flash Fiction

Why not start off with some really short stories of a few hundred words?

aliens1Outside Help Sci-fi (fun) A message from outer space! How would the president handle it?

Sacrificed Sci-fi (serious) What if someone needed our most valuable asset more than us?


Short Stories

Sit down and spend some time on some of my longer pieces.

Repeat Chance Sci-fi (dark). Max is given the gift of revenge for his fiancée’s death, but how much will this unexpected power corrupt him?

Now available in print. Spinetinglers have published a horror anthology, and this was voted by its readers for incluson. Can now buy on Amazon.co.uk here.

Future Echoes Sci-fi (dark). If you could hear the future, could you change the past?

Now available in print. Lame Goat Press  have published a sci-fi anthology, and this was chosen for incluson. Can now buy on Amazon.com (USA) here.

Mars Ascent Sci-fi (Romance). A tale of love and loss en route to the Red Planet.

 They’re Coming Horror. Childhood memories of nightmares.

Knifepoint Horror/Speculative. A story of a woman, a man and mealtimes, but told from the unusual viewpoint of a kitchen knife.


Terminator v Sinclair ZX Spectrum Sci-fi (silly) An alternative – if a little crazy – Terminator plot where a cyborg goes back to 1984 and encounters that wonder of technology: the Sinclair Spectrum. Written in an afternoon when I was just trying to amuse myself from a strange idea I had after a conversation about Spectrums.


Prefer rhyme to reason?

World Cup Wallchart: Reflections Footy (serious) After it all went horribly wrong, I look back at my past self, viewing the wallchart, dreaming of England winning again.


For re-publish

All of the below were previously published online, but are now no longer available on their original sites. I am in the process of re-submitting them elsewhere, but in the meantime if you’re interested in reading them just let me know and I’ll send you a copy.


    Fatal Vision Sci-fi (dark). Dan suddenly finds himself able to see how long people have left to live, but struggles to change the future when faced with knowing his own fate.

 Science Project Sci-fi (fun). Schoolkids create more than they’ll ever know.

 Ready or Not Sci-fi (serious). How would it feel to test for the first time the teleportation device you’ve invented…on yourself? Would you push that button?

NoConsequencesNo Consequences Sci-fi (dark). Future hunters travel back in time for a killing spree with no consequence to their present.

England’s 5.2 Nature (fun). Remember the “great” English ‘quake of 2008?

 Locked Out Footy. England were beating Scotland in Euro ’96. Classic match. Surely I couldn’t miss it?

cap Unwanted Hat-Trick Footy. Nick Hornby wrote about this legendary match; now read it from the other point of view.



I wrote a column called 88 Miles Per Hour for a bi-monthly science fiction ezine called Concept Sci-Fi. Topics included science fiction futures in films and TV; how marathon running and writing are, in fact, two similar disciplines; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Red Dwarf concepts.

Unfortunately, the editor is no longer publishing new issues, but I have copies of all the ones I featured in.

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