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Pasta way to do it

I didn’t want to turn this blog into a diary of a dad, because I planned that it was to be all about my writing. I’ve been told that blogs should focus on one topic – that’s how you’ll get … Continue reading

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New dad: The highlights

My last post detailed the birth of our daughter, Amber, but what happened next? Here are the extended highlights…   Events Momentous occasion performed by me: Cutting her cord. I’m now available to open supermarkets. First pang of jealousy: Seeing … Continue reading

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It’s a…?

At 1:08am Sunday 8th June 2014 my life changed forever. A new chapter had started. In a special two-parter, I’ll reflect on an eventful three weeks. (Note: Some of the times given may vary slightly from reality – some of … Continue reading

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From here to paternity

Yes, the pun’s been done 100 times already, but it’s the perfect title for this entry. In a few days at the very most, after a pregnancy lasting seemingly longer than the average Spurs manager, I will definitely become a … Continue reading

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Due Date

Monday was the day my first child was due to be born. Giving that I’m writing this and not changing nappies, you’ve probably guessed it’s not happened yet. So what have I been doing whilst I wait? Preparation It’s a … Continue reading

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Pregnant pause

I’m going to be a dad! Those of you who know me well should already know this of course, but seeing as today we had our first antenatal class, I thought it would be a good time to pause and reflect … Continue reading

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