Dangerous Liege, sons

The Liverpool players knew they had been lucky to survive the Champions League qualifier against Standard Liege last night. Once again they put me through torture in Europe!

Part of me wasn’t too bothered if we’d gone out, strangely enough. The rationale was that a) if that’s the way we’re going to play then we’re going to struggle against the top sides and b) if we did go out we could concentrate on winning what I really want: the Premier League. But now that we’ve made it, that’s all gone out the window – bring ’em on!!! We’re going to get better and going out the CL would have disastrous for our income, morale, manager…not to mention all the Utd taunts we’d get in a couple of weeks. No, thank you Dirk Kuyt. Let’s go for everything now, but for goodness sake let’s pass it around like we’ve played together before!!

So my focus is back on domestic footy after the distractions of Olympics and Euro 2008. This is where it all starts, although there’ll be a brief pause while we hold our head in disbelief, no doubt, at a close 1-0 over Andorra next week. Probably thanks to an own goal, too.

Of course, my true main focus is the marathon. I successfully completed two miles on the ‘mill last last night at pretty much a canter. No problems with general fitness, and knees felt ok, if still a little weak. Half an hour on a cross-trainer tonight also gave me a little more confidence. Saturday I’ll have to go out on the streets, up and down a little, so will have to see how that goes. The key right now to avoid problems is slow. Get the time in, but don’t worry about pace; right now, speed is my enemy, time is my friend.

I’ve had a week of my morning quad exercises, so this means it’s time for the ankle weights to come on to make things difficult again. When I say weights, I really mean two socks with a load of coins in, but they will do. A week later, I’ll add more. Brings a new meaning to piling on the pounds…

Please consider donating to the children's charity that I have now painfully run the 26.2 miles for - details at: http://www.justgiving.com/andymales
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