The Comeback Kid

He’s back…hopefully for good!!!

Every day from Friday, I’ve been getting up and doing my inner quad exercises for twenty minutes. It’s actually quite painful and drags on and on, but it seems to be working.  Yesterday, I did about thirty minutes’ walking on the treadmill without much reaction, so I decided to risk a run today on it.

I’d spent a lot of time in the garden sorting out my new shed and the garage. I even cleaned the garage door to the garden for the first time in ten years! After a lot of shunting, cutting, lifting and cat poo (don’t ask) I decided that it was enough and time for my run. I relaxed for a while, though, in fear of pushing it. Sitting at a computer all day, not going to the gym, and not being into DIY, I can’t say my body gets constant exercise, so when I do perform a few physical tasks all sorts of little aches and pains come out. Maybe something I can work on after the marathon. Anyway, despite all that I decided to go through my stretches and give running another whirl.

Speed: 1.0. I started a slow walk as the treadmill struggled to keep a straight face my the feeble effort. So far, so good. Crank it up to 1.5. Another five minutes of feeling a fraud. 9:57…I’m about to run…9:58…what if my knee erupts in pain?…9:59…this could be a serious setback…10:00…warp factor 2…death or glory here we come!!!

And then I was running. Speed 3.0 – pathetic, but still enough to cause a jog. A minute down – I feel ok! Two minutes – I’m running, I’m running! Let’s do a mile! Fourteen minutes later, I was triumphant.

It felt damn good to be running again. My knees are still weak, but they survived this acid test. Hopefully tomorrow they’ll feel ok, and I can run again on Wednesday. It’s a small victory on the long road back. My training plan is in tatters. Preparation in pieces. What I can do before November 2nd is unknown right now. But I’m back and hungry for more.

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