Sobering thoughts

I’m going teetotal until after the marathon!!!

That’s two and a half months of no drinking. Not a drop will pass my lips until after I’ve run the 26.2 miles in November.

Farewell Foster’s. Bye bye Budweiser. Auf Wiedersehen vodka Red Bull.

So why am I doing this? Is it really going to help? Well, I think being sober is not going to hurt, and drinking isn’t likely to make things better. I need any advantage I can get right now with the knee injury, so if this can help even a little then it will be worth it.

It’s also a social experiment. It’s not exactly going to be a hardship for me, given the fact that I only tend to drink on a Friday or Saturday night, but I’ve never gone that long without a beer or two! Will I be able to stand my friends at 2am when I’m completely sober? Will I have less fun? I know I can barely cut it on the dance floor when I’ve had a few, on the odd occasion I get the mood to strut my stuff, so I definitely won’t attempt it sober!
Will it spoil my nights out? Will I bend to peer pressure? We’ll just have to see.

My knee is still painful, and although it feels like it’s improved with stretching exercises, ice and periods of elevation, it’s nowhere near ready for running. I’m off to see another phyiso tomorrow who will hopefully give me treatment rather than just more advice.

Meanwhile, have a drink for me!

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