On a downer

Haven’t been able to run for two weeks now. My legs tingled constantly – every minute – for the best part of this time. After starting and really getting into it, it’s been quite depressing knowing after just a few runs my legs are in a bad condition.

Why is this? Are the trainers responsible? Is it just that I’ve been playing on nice soft astro turf for so long my lower legs have softened up and are not used to such punishment?

I’m seriously worried at the prospect of training for the marathon now, let alone running the 26 miles for it in November.

I have been reading up on the condition and looking for cures. Trouble is, shin splints covers a variety of problems, and it’s difficult to know the resolution. They all say rest is vital, so that’s what I’ve done. Even gentle jogging on grass whilst walking a dog has proved painful. I am starting to do lower leg exercises, so I hope that will help strengthen them.

I may have to go to the doctor if it continues much longer.

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