Seeking help but staying upbeat

As my knee was feeling much better, I decided I’d try another run tonight. Buoyed by the arrival of my funky new knee support, I was hoping for a pain-free run on the flat, at a slow pace, in the dry.

Well, I got the flat and slow bit right! It drizzled on my way back, but more importantly – and worringly – the knee pain is back in all its glory. Ha! Think you could start running again? We’ll see about that! It started so well, too, but eventually a niggle became a run-stopping pain. Back at home, I struggled down the stairs.

Well, I’m not defeated that easily. I could sit here and wallow in self pity and wonder how the heck I’m going to complete my training (which includes a 10 mile race in 3 weeks!) but I’m not. I’m tempted – it’s very easy to do – but I make a promise to you all right now that I’m not going to. I phoned the Bupa helpline for a bit of advice, and will see the doc soon to get a referral to get it looked at. The sports physio bloke that saw me last week didn’t seem to help as I have been doing my stretches and still I get pain, so I want someone to actually examine it now. In the meantime, it’s stretches, rest, ice, elevation, compression.

It will make it all the sweeter when I cross that finish line in Central Park. Then, Mr Right Knee, you can rest as much as you want.

Please consider donating to the children's charity that I have now painfully run the 26.2 miles for - details at:
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