Clear for take-off

It’s almost here…the chance for YOU to be a hero, to get YOUR name in print and to help my publishing dream come true.
But a first, a reminder of the basics…

What’s this crowdthingymajig again?
You mean crowdfunding.

Yes, that’s the one. So what is it?
Getting enough people to support making something a reality.
In my case, it is the publication of my novel, 26 Miles to the Moon.

By using crowdfunding publisher Britain’s Next Bestseller.

What do they do?
They enable writers to ‘pitch’ their manuscripts to the reading public and empower readers to choose what gets published.



They have said they’ll publish my novel…providing enough people want it.

How do you prove that?

By getting enough people to pre-order my book.

Here’s a 1-minute video that explains them:

Sounds exciting – I want a piece of the action! How exactly do I pre-order?
From Friday, I will give you a link that will take you to my book page on their site. From there, you can place a pre-order.

What does “place a pre-order” entail?
You choose my book, order it, enter your card details. But the great thing is: YOU DON’T PAY ANYTHING UP FRONT.

Ok, ok – no need to shout.
It’s worth highlighting – you pay nothing unless I reach my target. If I fail, nothing will get charged on your card. Only if I succeed will the payment go through, once the whole pre-order period has finished.

So how long’s the pre-order period?
14 weeks, finishing on Jan 23rd.

And your target is?
250. I need this many pre-orders by then to get a publishing deal.

And if you fail to reach 250?
Game over. No deal for me. No charge for you.

Can I order more than 1?
Yes. You can order as many as you like. If you wish to order all 250, be my guest and become my bestest friend in the entire universe.

Hmm, I was thinking 2 at a push.
Hey, I’m grateful whatever!

Can you order it outside of the UK?
Yes. You can order it from anywhere in the world – USA, Canada, Australia, Poland, India, Spain – anywhere.

So how much is it?
£9.99 plus p&p.

Ok. Um, that’s maybe a little more than I usually pay for a book.
Perhaps, but when you usually buy a book:

  • Are you helping someone you know achieve their dream just by the act of ordering it?
  • Will you get your name in every copy of that book in the list of acknowledgements?
  • Will you be helping a charity?
  • Do you get a chance to win a golden ticket?

Wow. No, none of that
Well you get all of that for little more than the price of a couple of London drinks. Without any hangover.

What’s the charity idea?
I’m giving £1 of my own money to a children’s charity for every pre-order I get…regardless of whether I make my target.

Cool. Although isn’t that a big risk for you if you get hundreds of pre-orders?
I don’t think I’d be complaining if I do! But although I get nothing myself for the first 250 pre-orders, Britain’s Next Bestseller will give me £1 for every one after this amount, as an incentive to keep getting more pre-orders.

What’s the charity?
DCTCDreams Come True – helping the dreams of terminally and seriously ill kids come true.


So worse case is that you donate £249 of your own money and still don’t get a publishing deal?
Yes. If that happens I will probably cry, but then if I help a dying kid achieve their dream…

‘Nuff said. I think I’ll wait until January to pre-order, though.
Noooooo! I mean, it would really help me if you pre-ordered as soon as possible.

Let me explain with a football analogy…
Would you have your star striker say to you, “Don’t worry boss – I’ll mess around all game and only try to get you the winner in the 90th minute?”
No – you’d give him the hairdryer treatment and tell him to try from the very first second or else he’s being transferred to Accrington Stanley.

Accrington Stanley – who are they?

To stretch the analogy further…
We are playing Target FC and have to score 250 goals to win the title. I need you all to score a goal – if you do and we win, you’ll get your name engraved on the cup.

No extra time?

But I haven’t brought my boots.
Ok, don’t stretch the analogy too far.

So when will I get the book and in what format?
Once the pre-order period has ended, it will go through the publishing process. You will then get a paperback copy (with your name in it!) when it is published in April.

So does this crowdfunding thing really work?
BNBS BooksAbsolutely! 15 authors have reached their target with Britain’s Next Bestseller and have/will be published. Here’s a photo of two books I’ve bought that I actually helped make happen!



What sort of quality is the printing?
Superb. I was very impressed with the books I’ve ordered. Britain’s Next Bestseller know what they’re doing.

Ok. So could you sum it all up for me again?
Pre-order my book from Friday 17th October 2014 to become my hero and put me on the road to publication. If we get there together, you’ll get a great book to read, a bit of fame and help a worthwhile charity.

Awesome – I’m doing it on Friday!

My hero!


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