On the March again

I’m married! I’m going to be a dad! I’m going to be a published author!¬†Ok, so only two of those three are definitely true, but which ones? If you know me well (or at least a Facebook friend) then you’ll know, but my posts over the next week that I’ve already prepared will detail some of the big things that have been happening to me in the last few months.


Happy New Year!
No Mobiles2“But it’s March! What kind of blogger are you?”
Yeah, I hold my hands up. My bad, as they say (or at least I hope they still do). It’s fair to say that I’ve been a bit busy in the last few months and have neglected this blog. Or, to put it more correctly, I have prioritised everything ahead of this blog. Given that I’ve had a lot on, this maybe is understandable, but then again surely I have had some spare time to write? I blame a small, black rectangle that keeps distracting me. It lures me in with promise of emails that are mainly spam, Internet pages I don’t need to read and Angry Birds levels where I think two stars is never enough. I need to stop wasting pockets of time and instead do something constructive. Also, get into more of a routine where I can, which allows me to do what I’m doing now – writing this sat down on a train on the commute to Camden (in First Class no less, if you know how to play the system legally).

“Why are you bothering with this blog anyway?”
I’m not delusional – I know I haven’t exactly got an army of fans pressing F5 continuously on my blog page in the tantalising hope that they may be the first to see the next update of the great Andrew Males, but it’s much more than that. It’s a record of my journey, wherever I might be going. It gets me writing. And if I can entertain and update people on the way, then all the better. Plus the small matter of everyone saying that authors should have a blog and keep it updated to reach out to their readers. Yes, maybe this blog has had more reboots than a superhero franchise, but I will endeavour to up my game in 2014 and post more. Maybe I’ll do smaller posts and more often, rather than long-crafted epics.

“Argghh! Stop blogging about blogging! No-one wants to read that!”
Well you started it. Whoever you are.
“But I’m you.”
Shut up before everyone thinks I’m crazy.
“Horse. Bolted.”


2014 is definitely going to be a big year for me. Huge. It already has been and it definitely will get bigger in a few months. Plus, with any luck Liverpool will win the league for the first time in 24 years and England will win the World Cup for the first time in a gazillion years, but that would just be the icing on an already large and scrumptious cake.
Yep, I’m still dreaming…

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