C’mon c’mon

Liverpool, Lanzarote, London, Edinburgh. Seeing as I’ve blatantly ignored my blog for two months now, here are a few highlights to catch up:


Saturday 3rd March 2012. Anfield, Liverpool

“C’mon Liverpool!” My first trip to Anfield in nearly 20 years and we can’t convert any of our chances against Arsenal. We need this! Don’t let van Persie have the ball! There he is…can’t possibly score from there…crap. I don’t f***ing believe it. All this way to see us lose in the dying moments to Arsenal. Bet my Gooner friends are gonna love this. It’s a long journey home…

Wednesday 7th March 2012. A bar in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

“C’mon Stevenage! Get innnnnnnn!” I’m watching my home team beating Spurs! Away! How awesome would it be if we won? It’s been a great holiday so far with Shell’s family, although could do with the wind dropping a tad. And for Stevenage to hang on. Can’t wait to celebrate her mum’s and nephew’s birthday.

Oh. Now we’re losing. Oh well. It was good while it lasted…

Saturday 17th March 2012. Trocadero, London

“C’mon Steve! Get yer feet in.” As part of his 40th visit to London with the boys, perhaps getting those fish that nibble your feet wasn’t high on his list of things to do, but it’s a first for him. Don’t worry, lots of beers to drink, steaks to eat and room on the dance floor to strut your stuff to Shanice’s “I Love Your Smile”…

Tuesday 20th March 2012. Hackney Community Centre

“C’mon people!” Wow, these people training us Olympic volunteers are certainly enthusiastic. I’m meeting all sorts of people here, most of whom seem to share the enthusiasm for the Games. Can’t wait to do my Event Services role at Wembley Stadium…

Saturday 31st March 2012. A field somewhere outside Edinburgh

“C’mon Ghoul!” I feel like I’m letting the team down with this clay pigeon shooting lark. After a great start, I’m beginning to think Mr. Magoo would do better. Just a few clays left…pull…got one!! I’m still way behind the stag, Chav, and everyone else. Oh well. Maybe the comedy club and copious amounts of beer will make up for it later…


Monday 16th April 2012. A crematorium in Stevenage

“C’mon Andy. You can do this.” Just over two weeks ago, my grandad passed away, aged 96. Now I’m here at his funeral about to read part of his eulogy that I’ve written. This is hard. So hard. But I want to do it. It seems fitting, saying a personal goodbye to my last grandparent.

Be strong. Deep breath…




Saturday 14th April 2012. Aintree, Liverpool

“C’mon Seabass!!! C’MON!!!!!” Do it!! Get up there!!! Win it for us!!! Who’s at the front, neck-and-neck? It’s so damn loud here that I haven’t got a clue who’s who as the horses thunder below me in the stands. They race towards the finish, screams of encouragement everywhere, horse names blaring from the loud speakers. It’s over. Who the hell won??

Friday 27th April 2012. St Mary’s Church, Stevenage

“C’mon weather. Be nice to Chav and Nicola for their wedding today.” Maybe someone promised them fine weather for the photos in return to their service having the background of a repetitive car alarm throughout. It’s been a great day, and this cake just about tops it off. Not sure about all the spooky Chav masks, though…

Tuesday 1st May 2012. London Eye

“C’mon – let’s do some research” I’ve got to nail this scene. It’s my favourite scene in the book but one that needs a lot of research to pull it off. The only way to do this is to walk the scene as my character, go on the London Eye and check all the actions are possible. Now, where exactly would he jump over the railings naked…



Wednesday 2nd May 2012. Up a hill, somewhere in Stevenage

“C’mon legs! Don’t fail me now!” I’m about to clock up 11 miles, but I’ve lost more power than Gordon Brown. Keep going. Keep going. You can do it. Nearly there…


Thursday 3rd May 2012. At home

All caught up now? Bet you’re wondering how much editing I’ve done on my book, 26 Miles to the Moon, if I’ve been off gallivanting across the UK. Well, the truth is: not enough. Not nearly enough. But I’m gradually putting the hours in and have a plan to edit which I know I must stick to. I so want this book to be finished and published, so I must make it a priority whilst I have time on my hands.

Even if I have to tie myself to my desk.

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