Ready or not

It’s 9:15pm in a hotel room in Garden City, Long Island, New York. As soon as this post is done, I’m off to bed. At 4am I’m getting up and starting a day that I’ll never forget.

I’d like to say the preparation has been great, but it hasn’t. My legs aren’t in as good as shape as I’d hoped, and quite frankly I do not know how long certain muscles will last out. Will it just be a case of battling through the pain, or will I just lose all power?

The flight over was one to forget. The first half of it was spent mostly in the confines of a small room where my body tried its best to get rid of anything and everything inside me, including, it felt at times, my organs. I even had to take oxygen just to get me through it!

Next up: I caught a cold. Perhaps I got it just before I left, but it’s not gone yet. How much will it affect my breathing? Can I run as fast as I want?

The worst out of everything was the extremely upsetting news of my cat, Geri. I won’t detail it all here, but it gutted me.

So why put all this here, now? To give me excuses in case I run bad? No, it’s to give you an insight into how even months of good preparation can be affected by unforeseen circumstances. But it’s more than that – I’m writing this to tell myself that I’m gonna get up tomorrow and DESPITE all this, I’m going to nail New York. Whether I get under the golden four hours or not, I’m not quitting. I’m still fighting. It’s not going to beat me. Life can suck sometimes, but you have to continue to reach for your goals. I shall run alongside people who have gone through so much more…and probably with those who will go through worse.

Am  I ready?

Just watch me go…

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