One small step

I’m getting published! In print! In a book! That you can buy! Me!

I had a great surprise this week to be told that one of my stories that got published online nearly two years ago is going to be included in a printed anthology, available from the end of October. I’m well chuffed because this will be the very first time a story of mine gets printed on paper and be sold. There’ll actually be a book that I can open and see my name and a story that came completely out of my head!

What’s good about it, is that it was picked as part of 12 stories from a pool of about 50 that people had to vote on for inclusion in the anthology. It was also my first proper story I’d finished and submitted, and one of my favourites.

OK, so it’s not big press, there’ll be 24 other stories in it, and it’ll probably be available on Amazon and not flying off Waterstone’s shelves, but it’s a start.

If you’re interested, the story is online here  at Spinetinglers. It’s a dark story of revenge, with a sci-fi twist.

It’s also reminded me that I can write a bit and that I must keep with it if I have any hope of seeing similar success in the future. I’ve done very little recently, writing-wise. Some of that is down to working the last two Fridays and not having the planned day off, but really it’s not much of an excuse. I’m finding it hard to get a good idea for a story I’m enthusiatic about, and I end up finding time to do other things instead. But this week is a jolt to say that if you put the effort in now, you can reap the rewards even years into the future.


So, hopefully I can get published in a few other places and maybe one day make that giant leap.

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