Speeding fine

I broke my 10K record today…by over a minute! Unfortunately, the exertion required for this has led my body to fine me, in the form of a groin strain.

Years ago playing footy, I pulled my groin (stop sniggering) and since then it’s always been a bit niggly. It’s usually playing football – stretching for the ball that bit too far – that aggravates it, but today’s faster pace seems to have upset it once more. I could feel it was a problem when running, but thought I wouldn’t damage it that much more by continuing. I mean, I had to get home somehow anyway.

So was it worth it? Well, although there are far more pleasurable ways of hurting your groin (snigger now) the fact that I beat my record – and over the tough course – was very satisfying. 52 minutes of strong running and feeling as good as I’ve felt in months. Hopefully I can crack 50 minutes sometime soon, but for now I guess I should take my fine and rest.

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