Out of my depth

I’m in Byron Bay at the moment, sitting overlooking the beach, in
clear blue skies, sun kissing my cheeks with a cool breeze blowing
through my hair and listening to some tunes. Watching the rolling
waves crash on the shore below, I now realize just how much the ocean
can mirror life.

Some days, the water is smooth; the proverbial mill pond. Sometimes
you love the gentle respite this gives you as you float along going
nowhere. Other times, you want the thrill of a full-blooded wave fest
to excite and challenge you.

Diving around in the rough sea today, it was very much like my recent
life. Stuck with a mill pond for so long, it was great being thrown
around in the water. There have been days when I felt I’d mastered the
sea, as if I was untouchable. Everything was perfect, total fun. But
I’ve also had the days where it’s crept up on you, thrown you
violently sideways, and you don’t know when you’re coming up for air
again. You’ve lost control and all you can do is wait until it calms

You eventually come out battered, sometimes wanting more,
occasionally shook up enough to retreat, questioning the decision
taking on a big wave. But it sure still beats the mill pond.

I’ve grown up a lot in the last few months. You meet new people
wherever you go and learn things about life, people and yourself. So
many people here are living life. Most are young, and I admire them
for having more courage than I did at their age. Taking this
sabbatical was a fantastic decision. I’ve experienced so much already,
both at home and on my travels, and I’m loving the fun and challenge
it is providing.

So what is the next wave gonna bring me? Who knows. But I’ll take what
comes. I’m not coming out of the water just yet…

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