Another lap round the Sun

2009 is here at last!

The way I see it, 2008 will go down as the year where things that you thought were certain suddenly became uncertain. The obvious thing to mention is the Credit Crunch – remember the Chewits monster ? Like that, it came out of nowhere and went on a rampage with no regard for history or who it ruined. Not even the entire stock of all their pick ‘n’ mix would have helped Woolworths with this one, though.

But enough’s been written about that subject. It’s become the common language of strangers – between that and footy you’ll have something to talk to with anyone in the world.

So what else strange has happened in 2008?

For a start, we never get Earthquakes where I live, at least not ones that I’ve felt. But no, Feb 27th, early hours and my whole bed shakes like crazy! WTF?? Maybe it was that monster stirring…

Spain never win anything at footy. Fact. So what do they do? Only go and win the Euro Championships!

Man City become the richest club in the world. Huh?

Cardiff and Portsmouth contest the FA Cup Final. So much for the “big four”.

The British Olympic team comes back from Beijing looking like the stewardesses on the plane had served up gold medals instead of chicken or beef for dinner.

The men’s 100m world record was smashed…by a man who showboated across the line!

America elect an African American as president.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but those are the things that spring to mind that I didn’t see happening in that crazy year.


For me personally, 2008 started quietly, then became all about the marathon, and finished in…well, chaos, really. I won’t go into everything here, but if you’ve spoken to me recently I’m sure you’ll appreciate at least some of what I mean. Stressful times, bad news, hard decisions and tears seem to have surrounded me and the people around me in the last month or two. After the highs of Vegas, it’s been pretty crap to say the least, with a few surreal moments thrown in. At times I’ve not known how the heck to handle everything, and have been wrapped up in my own world, but I know I’ve had it easy in comparison to others, so now I’m just getting on with it. Hopefully I can be there for others when they need me to be there for them.

If 2009 is going to bring you battles, then fight with all your strength. If there’s one thing the marathon taught me is that even when you’re sure you’re finished and that you can no longer carry on…you can. YOU CAN. You’re mentally tougher than you think, and if you surround yourself by the right people you can reach what may seem unreachable. Believe you can do it, and you’ll be amazed at what can happen.


Jan 1st – when the Earth returns to this same position a year from now, I wonder what else will have changed to its inhabitants?

May 2009 bring all the luck, fortune, love, health and happiness that you want and deserve.

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