This is it… don’t get scared now!

This is likely to be my last post before I cross that start line on Sunday. My legs are rested, aside from a long shopping stint at the mall yesterday, but I’ve had some tummy problems today which is worrying me and limited my carb intake. This marathon lark is certainly not without its trials!

I’m gonna stay postive, though, as I’m determined not to come all this way and fall at the last hurdle. They say you won’t get much sleep tonight but that it shouldn’t matter a lot. Right now, all that is left is to make sure you get there and don’t do anything silly.

You can do this Andy. You WILL finish the marathon. Stay calm, know you have the strength and picture how joyful the next blog entry is going to be. One of the best days of your life is just round the corner. Life is about moments like these, so take in the moment and go and write a piece of your history.

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