Socks and the City

Wahey – I’m in New York!!!! Currently in Queens staying at Steve’s house, but about to venture into the city this afternoon to pick up my official race number at the marathon expo.

Weather is cold, and although the temperature’s going to pick up tomorrow and Saturday, it’s set to go back down on race day. Great. Short shorts and a vest is great attire to be in this weather! Everyone will be wearing extra old warm clothes at the start that they will then discard just before or after the start (they end up going to charity) and it has been suggested that instead of gloves you should just wear an old pair of socks on your hands if that’s cheaper/easier.

So from bin bags to old socks and pink vests. The glamour side of marathon running…

As for my preparation, I guess there’s not much else to do now. Will go for a short jog on Saturday, so it’s just getting my mind right now. I feel a bit nervous, but excited and confident. 26 miles is a loooong way to go, but I’ve done it before, right? And people do lots of things far more challenging. Time to start focusing on crossing that finish line and planning that celebration. Oh, and I can’t wait for my first beer in months!!


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