Pretty in Pink

Having run in t-shirts in all my runs so far, I decided I’d better try some running vests, seeing as they should be lighter and easier to run in. I ran in my charity’s vest in ’98, and had ordered one a while ago but it had not arrived until it plopped onto my doormat on Saturday. Great! I thought. And then I saw what it looked like…

It’s pink. Very pink. With balloons on it.

Some of you may have already seen a sneak preview on Facebook, kindly put up by my so-called-mate Si. For those who haven’t yet, you may even see it in the local paper soon (if they dare print it!) My advice is to avoid it! It’s times like this when I wish a) I had a nice tan and b) my muscles weren’t totally confined to my legs.

Still, there are positives:
1. It is very light and good to run in
2. You won’t fail to spot me in the photos
3. If it means people feel sorry for me that they donate to charity then it’ll be worth it. (It’s all about the kids, I keep telling myself!)

So, the training continues to go really well. Last week I did 28 miles, tapering down from the 36 the week before. Sunday’s 12 miles jogging with said mate flew by at a good pace, and only a tight calf prevented squeezing out an extra unplanned mile. This week I’m down to 21 miles, including a 9-miler race on Sunday.

Respect to Si and T for entering our local half marathon on the day me and Steve do the New York one. I hope you feel knackered after the 13 and realise how tough it would be to do another 13 after that without stopping!

Update on a previous blog entry: – I found out on Saturday that I passed my PRINCE2 exam and so now I’m officially a PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner. Not sure how that’ll help with the marathon, but it’s an achievement nonetheless!

Another shout-out, this time to my cousin Claire and her fiancé (I know she hates that word!) Rob who got engaged recently. Congrats!

Finally, thanks to all the sponsors so far who’ve responded to my recent push for donations. Let’s see if we can get the magical £1000!!

Please consider donating to the children's charity that I have now painfully run the 26.2 miles for - details at:
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