Fame and fortune

Today I had my first ever interview with the press. I was contacted by a company on behalf on my charity, Dreams Come True, to ask if I would be willing to be interviewed about my New York marathon run for their charity, in order to promote the event and Dreams. If accepted, the story would be run in my local paper, so I thought “why not?” and had a telephone interview tonight.

I’ve seen plenty of photos and articles about various people doing charity events, and I always wanted the chance to appear in my local paper (if I recall correctly, the closest “I” had been was years ago when a fool with the same name as me stole a bus in a nearby town!) The interview went well, although I guess you always wonder if you said too much or too little. Hopefully the article will be fine. Not looking forward to doing a photo, though! Some cheesy in-action or awkward pose, no doubt. I’ll let you know if/when it gets published.

I did have an article about me in a computer magazine way back in 1988, but this was not so much about me as covering a computer game challenge I took part in. Definitely my biggest claim to fame (2 pages – with photos – in the internationally-respected Spectrum magazine “Crash!“), although the fact that I became the first reader to lose the reader v magazine staff challenge (to Robin Candy, if you know your speccy magazines) put a dampener on it somewhat. Damn you, Star Wars game!

 So that’s my past and future fame. Hopefully the future will generate lots of fortune for my charity.


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