In da zone

It’s been a busy week for me so far, with seemingly not much time in the evenings, but I managed to fit in two runs on consecutive days. Three miles yesterday and three today. All on my treadmill, and all in relative comfort.

I’ve now got less than two months to go, and talking about being happy after running six miles over two days is not somewhere where I thought I would or wanted to be at this stage in my training. But hey – I am where am I and just have to look forward right now. I did have a quick glance at the past, though, just now. I remembered my entry to my then-future self here and read my reminder why I still want this. Boy, do I still want this!!

These last two runs have had me very much in the zone. Running in my living room, I was pounding away on the belt focused on a small spot in front of me, zoned out (the treadmill’s not upstairs a) because it would make even more of a noise and b) it weighs more than a room full of dart players, so it’s staying there.) If you look at the time constantly, you’re screwed. You just have to keep going. I reward myself the luxury of checking my mileage when the advert breaks come on, and soon I had reached my target.

I feel pretty good now. I’m upping the leg weights tomorrow again and my knees are taking a bit more punishment without too much complaint. Rest on Friday before four miles on Saturday. My plan has now been re-written, and it’s a cautious but practical one.

With care, patience, luck and effort, I’m getting ever closer.

Please consider donating to the children's charity that I have now painfully run the 26.2 miles for - details at:
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