Speed, strength, super Scots, and showboating

Let me take you through my day so far…

Alarm wakes me up at 10am. I’m tired and it’s Saturday, but I have to get up for the men’s coxless four. You’ll know from my previous post how much history I’ve seen watching this event for several Olympics, and so I really wanted us to make it three in a row. I’m nervous as I get some toast and switch on the TV. Sir Steve Redgrave is confident, but I’m not so, as we’re not favourites. The race starts.

My heart races as I watch the Aussies build a good lead. I suddenly realise how so into this I am as I perch on the end of my seat, getting really concerned. The finish line is getting nearer and there’s still so much to do. The commentator urges everyone at home to shout at the TV – what do you think I’m doing?!! I get up and shout as our boat in lane 4 starts to move up. My arms are quite ridiculously trying to emulate the rowers’ stroke as if my feeble efforts will actually make a difference, but I don’t care!!! GB take the lead and I pump my fists as they power on. This is an amazing comeback – we’re going win!! Amazing strength as they take the gold having given it absolutely everything they’ve got. I’m so proud!!

Next, the cycling. I have big hopes for a lot of medals as they tell me we’re favourites in almost every event. A few nerves at the start of the each final, I just watch in awe as Scots Hoy and Wiggins dominate and pick up the golds. The Union Jacks wave frantically and family hugs all round. We even pick a silver and bronze and there are still more to come. This is turning out to be a good day!!

I look forward to the men’s 100m final as 3:30pm draws near. I have no doubt whatsoever that the record will go and that Bolt will win it. I’d even have a bet if the odds weren’t so silly! The build up begins and I get settled. The edge of the sofa groans, but this will all be over soon…

That was ridiculous! That simply cannot happen! You can’t win an Olympic 100m final by miles, smash the world record and showboat over the line!! I followed athletics for over 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like that. Christie, Lewis, Bailey, Greene – noone has ever run a race like Bolt just did. After 60m he knew he’d won it, and then he powered down, celebrating across the line…and STILL broke the record! I’m flabbergasted. The ease he did that was like playing in the FA Cup final with just eight players and still romping home 6-0 winners. I’ve just witnessed in all probability the fastest human in history, and I know he’ll go even faster.  The fastest and most stylish win ever. I dash to my keyboard and phone just to discuss it with someone!

That’s what I love about the Olympics: you get to see sports men and women at their very best with the knowledge that what you’ve just seen will live in the history books forever.

Oh, did someone say the footy season starts today? I almost forgot…

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