Stay on the scene, like a six machine!

Six miles on my treadmill yesterday, and I felt good.

Today…not quite so good! My calves have been tight all day but decided to give them a test for a three miles run. I’ve been wearing my leg compression sleeves from just after returning from my shin splints injuries, and they’ve really done the trick. Trouble is, they’re very tight and I wondered if they would give me other problems if I ran with them for hours at once. So, I decided to do a few miles without them today. It was a nice evening, and ventured out for a run over grass and concrete.

It’s now the evening and my calves are even worse! Most of the times they feel much better after a smaller run, but not right now. Is it due to not wearing the sleeves? Maybe. I’ll see tomorrow how the pain is, I guess, and then do a bit of research. I certainly feel stronger with them, so hopefully I can keep on wearing them if need be.

What was so good about yesterday’s treadmill run is that I achieved the mental side of it. Even with the TV on (albeit at an angle so I have to tilt my head to watch it whilst running ) it can get pretty boring running for over an hour, busy getting nowhere. I cranked up the speed a little to get me there quicker, but it can still be a struggle. The first mile or two is fine. Then I strive towards halfway, before powering to the next mile, then after the next you’re down to the last one. Sometimes I concentrate on the TV (if I can hear it over the thud thud thud), sometimes thinking about other stuff, sometimes in the zone, focusing on a blank spot on the wall and just trying to think of nothing.

Apologies if this isn’t a particularly interesting post, but it’s late, I’ve had a long, busy day at work and inspiration is failing me right now. Saturday should be interesting, though: another mate’s birthday beckons on Friday and I have to squeeze a run in after that night and before yet another birthday celebration late Saturday afternoon. Can’t wait for a looooong rest on Sunday where I don’t have to get on up so early…

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