After Eight

Eight miles over two days. Doesn’t sound a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it does consist of a difficult five-miler outside yesterday and one three-miler on the treadmill today. Back-to-back, that’s not bad for the first week of my proper schedule, and things are going to plan.

So how’s my body holding out so far? Fairly good. Shins seem to be pretty much fine, but my achilles on both legs are quite sore after the last two runs. My dodgy groin is still weak, so will have to be careful of that. I think the pavement run mixed with uneven grass took its toll and used a few muscles more than usual. Oh well, hopefully it will strenghten them.

A rest day tomorrow!! I want to go even longer on Saturday, though, so will try for six or seven.

Anyone following Wimbledon? My money’s on Nadal. Federer may be the king of SW19, but I just think the Spaniard’s got enough to finally do him this year. Maybe 2008 is Spain’s year too, given the Euro Championships.

Finally, have to say happy birthday to my mate T who’s 30 today. I left you a bit worse for wear tonight so hope you’re not too bad in the morning! Sorry I kept to my midweek sobriety pact, but I have to be disciplined. Welcome to the thirty-something club!

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