European Championships Semi Final 1 Review

You couldn’t have expected a Klose finish to that Semih final! Turkey did so well, and certainly were no Lahms to the slaughter.

 Ahhhh. I just had to get that out. Blame the Males pun gene for that one!


When the thunderstorms weren’t messing up the BBC pictures, I watched the match while running on my treadmill. Well, not the whole 90 minutes, but some of the first half. A great game, and Germany certainly out-Turkey’d the Turks with that late finish. Poor performance, but they’re through. England – why do we play poorly but always lose?? Why can’t we be like the Germans?

As for the run, only a couple of miles today as went back to the Asics to see if they would be ok now on the treadmill. I’m still not happy with them, and prefer the Nikes so will probably mainly run in them from now on. Fitness feels fine, so if the legs can take it, I’ll try for a longer run at the weekend.

It will soon be July, which means much more serious, regular, committed training. That’s when the fun really starts…

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