Building fitness

Had a day off yesterday to gauge if the run on Saturday had affected my troublesome legs. My lower calves were quite tight, and my weak groin is playing up slightly (no sniggering at the back!) I’ve got a long way to go (literally) before I’m ok to run the longer distances, but I’ll get there. Goodness knows what state I’ll be in after the full 26 miles!

No footy tonight!! After gorging on the feast that has been the Euro Championships, it was quite a shock to the system to find that after many days of consecutive matches I now have to wait a full three days before the next one. Semis are looking interesting – will Germany cook Turkey? Russia to be beat Spain? You’re Arshavin a laugh, surely?

So what to do with yourself when there’s no footy on. Well, I went out for a half hour bike ride to keep up the stamina. Good weather this evening to put a few miles behind you and enjoy the sights.

Also spent some time on my website. If you’ve noticed, it’s built using WordPress, which I’m still getting used to, so excuse me if it looks a bit rough in parts.

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