Great cycling weather

Took my bike out again for half an hour round the cycle tracks. Had quite a good workout, and I’ve got used to the gears now. Maybe I should pick regular circuits and try to beat some times that I set to help with the fitness even more. Nice and easy on the lower legs.

Got my compression sock thingies for my shin splints, so will try running with them on my treadmill tomorrow to see if they help. Feel very tight, but supposed to support the muscles that get affected. Currently, I have the odd bit of pain, but not much tingling so seem ok at the mo. Still get the feeling that if I push it they’ll flare up again, though, so I’ll be careful for a while.

Submitted an entry to the WGC 10 mile in September. Should be some nice practice, less than two months before the big one.

Went down pub to watch the Italy v France match, and was very good by sticking to my rule of no weekday drinking (not that I drunk much anyway! Just a few pints sometimes during weekday games. Honest!) Glad to see France out as they were quite simply poor. Roll on the quarter finals!!

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