That’s one small run for man…

…and possibly one diaster about to happen. Things have been much better, and although I still get the odd shin pain I decided that after a long period of strengthening exercises I’d give it another go.

I fixed my treadmill recently to prevent it slipping. I could have paid £140 quid for someone to come out and look at it, but just thought it wasn’t worth it. A look on the forums and I found a possible cause (motor changing position, leading to the belt slackening) so a quick adjustment and it was much better.

So with some new trainers – Nike Triax 11 – the softer surface of the treadmill and a very slow pace, I stepped on for a mile run. The result? Not bad, actually. Hadn’t lost much stamina, and the legs just about held. It’s strange running on a noisy treadmill where you think you’re running quicker than you really are, and you have to run at least so fast as to be natural.

I’ll guess I’ll see tomorrow if things are ok.

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