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On the bright side

Ten reasons why losing to Iceland today wouldn’t be as bad as you think: We can all stop deluding ourselves we’re experts in politics and resume pretending we’re experts in football. Our hooligan contingent can return home, get a new … Continue reading

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A novel idea

Unemployed bum or novelist-to-be? Addicted to my iPad or chained to my word processor? Getting up at 1pm or early riser?  It’s been two weeks since I left my job, so how have I’ve been getting on?  Freedom Friday 1st … Continue reading

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What’s your dream?

Nadal. Hamilton. Robson. All of these sportspersons have one thing in common: they all realised one of their dreams this weekend. Raphael Nadal first. Have you ever seem someone battle so hard for their dream, against the best of the … Continue reading

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After Eight

Eight miles over two days. Doesn’t sound a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it does consist of a difficult five-miler outside yesterday and one three-miler on the treadmill today. Back-to-back, that’s not bad for the first week … Continue reading

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