Two mile runski

I put on the Russia v Sweden match whilst running a couple of miles on the treadmill, and enjoyed Hiddink’s Reds complete a coprehensive win over the tired Swedes. I thought Russia would do well before the tournament started, but had written them off since their 1-4 defeat against Spain. I reckon they’ll now beat Holland in the quarters.

Used my new compression leg sleeves for the first time tonight whilst running. They feel really tight, and strange to run in, but gave me little problem during the run. Stamina was good, even at a faster pace on the treadmill. Damn thing squeaks like hell, though!

Condition before: Knees and calves a bit sore.

Condition after: Have got a bit of pain on my shins now, a few hours later, so they could be a little stressed. Everything else seems ok, and had stamina to run for longer.

Will rest tomorrow.

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