The world is my lobster

With 2008 out of the way, it’s time to look forward to what 2009 has in store for me. If you’ve followed my blog so far, you will have seen a number of entries where I look at the future and even have a chat with my future self. (Well, sort of.) The future has always interested me far more than the past – I mean, you can get a book detailing the previous thousand – heck, billion – years if you want, but nothing can tell you about even just the next hour. The future’s there, like a blank Sky+ hard drive ready to be written with this year’s episodes. Let’s hope it ends up full of blockbuster feel-good movies, not 80 gigs’ worth of omnibus editions of EastEnders.

Firstly, I want to improve my running. I loved doing New York, and even the training, now I can look back on it. I’m still running, and better than ever. I want to focus on getting faster and stronger, so I’ll aim to beat all of my records, which I’ll record here to show my status at the end of 2008:

Runs: 69
Total distance: 342.64mi (Wow! I could’ve run to Scotland with that!)
Total time: 64hr 13min 52sec (Over 2.5 days on my feet!)
Total calories: 39,754  Avg calories per run: 576.14 (Yes, but I ate more)
Avg pace per mi: 11’14”   Avg distance per run: 4.97mi (A bit wussy)
Farthest Run: 26.81mi (This was the marathon – I think my Nike+ got a bit carried away as it’s 26.2)
Fastest Mile : 8’20” (Not sure how it worked this out, it might be the fastest average)
Fastest 5K : 26’43” (I don’t do too many 5Ks)
Fastest 10K : 55’18 (This is one I certainly want to bring down to sub-50)

I might do another marathon later on in the year, depending on fitness and commitments. I certainly want to do some more races, 10Ks, half marathons etc.

Next, I want to travel this year. Haven’t sorted anything yet, but there’s some places I’ve always wanted to go, so why not go there this year? Plus, I’ll be nearer completing one of my ambitions of travelling the world, which I can’t tick off just yet.

I also have to go back to my writing, and get that going again. Need to finish off a few stories and get some new ideas down. There are a few online markets I want to break in to, so will target them to spread my name around.

Finally, this year I want to be more…aware. This might sound strange, but I know what this means to me. Sometimes life can go by and things happen without you really appreciating them or understanding what is happening. It’s all good looking back and being wise after the event, but it’s always better being wise during the event, don’t you think? I want to go into 2009 with my eyes open.

So that’s it for me. To quote from one of my favourite films, “The future has not been written. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.”


And as for the present? Well, a big “Happy Birthday” today to my favourite niece, Rachel!


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