So what do I put this in this section? You either know me and I’ve told you about my site, or you’re a complete stranger and have somehow ended up here. Whoever you are, welcome to my tiny slice of the online world.

I write. In April 2015, my first novel, 26 Miles to the Moon was published by Britain’s Next Bestseller. I’m also part way through my second novel and also working on a children’s picture book.

I have been inspired and helped by friends and family along the way, and will be ever grateful for it. I will write under the name Andrew Males rather than Andy, hence the main reason for this site name.

I run. I’ve completed four marathons so far, the last one being the 2018 Edinburgh marathon. See my blog section to follow the joys, the pain, the ups and downs of running 26.2 miles. See my Running section for further details.

I take photos. I have a keen interest in photography, and seem to take a zillion photos wherever I go. I have got some of my older ones on my Photos page on this site. Hope you like them.

I travel. 2009 was my best-ever year for travelling, taking me to the likes of Norway,  Japan, Australia, Madrid  and New York. See blog entries from February – May 2009 for my accounts of skydives, bungee jumps, horse riding, beards, goat catching and much, much more! 2010 brought South Africa, Brussels, Sorrento, the Maldives and New York, 2011 had the eclectic mix of India, Barcelona, Mexico and Vegas. 2012 was full of Lanzarote, Paris, Bath, Liverpool and Egypt. 2013 brought to Brussels, Paris, New York, Zante and the amazing Iceland. And all that was before a honeymoon in Thailand in 2014! Think my camera might be melting…

I’m a dad. My daughter, Amber was born in June 2014 and my life has changed ever since. Check out three special blog posts on this amazing event, starting with a full account of the birth here!

So, that’s me!


You can mail me at:

andy (at) andrewmales (dot) com

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