Christmas giveaway – win a signed Ken Follett book!

I have a signed copy of Ken Follett’s new book to give away for free!

On 11th October, I met fellow (and slightly more successful) Stevenage author Ken Follett at a book signing for his latest novel, Edge of Eternity and he was kind enough to sign a copy for me.
And now I’m giving it away to one lucky person!
It’s hardcover, bought for £20, got 4.5 stars across 550 Amazon reviews and would make a great read over Christmas or even a great present for someone else. And at over 1000 pages, it would also make a great step for your vertically-challenged Great Aunt Flossy.

Edge of Eternity Edge of Eternity Sign








So why are you doing this?

Because I’m a generous person! And yes, also because I’m hoping it’s a bribe to get some more pre-orders and/or some more exposure to my crowdfunding campaign for my own novel, 26 Miles to the Moon.

Cool! How do I win?
There are two ways to win this prize:

1. Pre-order 26 Miles to the Moon
For every pre-order of 26 Miles to the Moon between now and 18th December 2014, you will get 5 entries into the prize draw.

Pre-order at:

2. Share the love
If between now and the 18th December 2014 you share my BNBS link on Facebook to at least all your friends, or tweet it on Twitter to all your followers, you will gain 1 entry into the prize draw.
To make it easy for you, here’s a Post and a Tweet you can just click on and then share/RT:

Or if you want to create your own message, then just use the link above.

How will you know I’ve done these?
Let me know! Obviously I’ll see the names of people who’ve stated them on my Sponsors page, but if you’ve pre-ordered anonymously, message me and I’ll check, adding an entry for you.
For shares/tweets either copy me in or again just let me know.

Any rules?
Only 1 entry will be given for a Facebook share or Twitter retweet, no matter how many times you do it.

Posting of the Ken Follett’s book only available to an address in the UK. (I’ve set an end date of 18th so I can post in time for Christmas.)

You can try and bend the system if you like, but if you do and then win the book…on your conscience be it. Remember: Santa is watching you.

My decision is final.

Can you give me some examples, just so I’m clear?
You pre-order 1 copy today: you get 5 entries.
You pre-order 2 copies today: you get 10 entries.
You pre-order 1 copy today and share on Facebook: you get 6 entries.
You pre-order 1 copy today, share on Facebook and do a tweet: you get 7 entries.
You pre-order 1 copy today, share on Facebook twice and do 10 tweets: you get 7 entries.
You’ve pre-ordered before today but tweet today: you get 1 entry.
You’ve pre-ordered before today and don’t share or tweet: you don’t get any entries.
You get the gist…

How do I know it’s fair and not just a scam?
Hey, I genuinely want to give this book away. I bought an extra copy and got it signed purely as incentive for this campaign. I’ll do a fair, supervised draw.


So what are you waiting for? Pre-order 26 Miles to the Moon and/or share all about it and you could win, win, WIN!


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