WANTED: Superheroes to help achieve dreams.

I’m looking for superheroes to help me promote the arse out of my book for its imminent launch. I’ll be working hard and doing loads myself to promote and market it, but let’s face it, I’m not popular enough to reach 250 on my own. However, with a bit of help from you wonderfully-supportive people, I know I can reach much more than that.

You don’t have to leave the house or even your seat – all I’m looking for are people who can tweet, send links, Facebook page invites – anything that will help spread the word of my campaign. Of course, if you want to walk around your town centre, naked under a sandwich board saying “26 Miles to the Moon rocks!! Order now at…” then fantastic, but you’re not obliged to do so. And might get arrested.

Don’t care so much for me or my book? Well I’m also donating £1 of my own money to children’s charity Dreams Come True for every pre-order, so maybe just spread the word for this cause instead.

Don’t understand exactly what crowdfunding is all about? Don’t worry, I can and will let you and everyone know what it is and isn’t.

Don’t care for me, my book or my charity? That’s cool. But then why are you still here?

If you pre-order my book, you’ll be my hero.
If you also help promote it, you’ll be my superhero.
I can’t bestow x-ray vision or invisibility on you, but if I ever meet anyone who can, I’ll definitely point them in your direction. Deal?

Many thanks to those who have already been superheroic and spread the word already! Awesome!

IMG_0705-0.JPGTo paraphrase Jerry Maguire in that dramatic scene as he leaves his job and addresses everyone:


“So…who’s with me?”


(Note to self: only one woman and two goldfish followed Jerry, so look for a more suitable rallying cry next time…)

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