Wedding Day

I’m not sure if there is an ancient Chinese proverb about he who wakes up on his wedding day in screaming agony shall live a happy married life, but I hope there is. That cramp in my leg was painful.
Wow. Today I’m actually getting married. The day is finally here.
Holy shit.
A lot’s going to happen today, and it’s going to go so fast I’ll hardly have time to breathe…


Weather is fine. Breakfast with boys. Long wait for food. Can’t each much. Have to rush home. Change into suit. Arrive at hotel. We’re later than planned. Photos with ushers. Get the match ball out! Mum and Dad arrive. Let’s go to the pub. Vodka and orange. Looking at watch. Shaky hands. Jo sorting our flowers. Best man drunk? Back to the hotel. Ben’s playing guitar. Guests start to arrive.

Certifcate smallMan, it’s close now. Registrar fills in forms. Standing at the front. Ushers are greeting. Everyone’s looking and waiting. Sun breaks through. Green fields through window. Steve pep talk. Nervous and excited. Here she comes. The music starts. Isn’t She Lovely? Indeed she is! Now by my side. More beautiful than ever. She’s shaking but smiling. And yet no tears! Don’t mess up words. Here we go. So far so good. Sister reads wonderfully. The rings are on. We’re nearly there! We’re man and wife! We kiss, we laugh. Everyone claps. We’ve gone and done it!

Sign the register. Smile and pose. Music’s in wrong order. Go with the flow. Walk back out. Greet the guests again. Photo session begins. Face starting to ache. It’s freezing cold. Gragged by the lads. Let’s go in. The bar awaits. Drinks are flowing. Chatter and smiles. What a great cake! People are hungry. When’s the food? Nearly ready they say. One last photo! A final group shot. Everyone outside. Go to our tables. Pink, yellow and orange. Games and quizzes. Book theme well received. People mixing and laughing. BBQ food. Steve getting anxious. Pudding is here. Speeches yet? No let him sweat. Can’t wait any longer. Father of the bride. Job done well. My dad is next. Pulls out an epic! Ok, I’m up next. Nail it, Andy. They’re smiling and laughing. Doing well. I sit down, pleased. Steve over to you. He’s mentioned my toes. And my 18th birthday. Dodgy haircuts. Yes, I’m embarrassed. Still, could be worse. Speeches over. Now everyone can relax.

Dancing smallMore photos of us. Photo booth setup. Evening guests arrive. Louis starts to DJ. Begins to rain. First dance is up. Will they guess? Luther begins to play. Just us together. My wife and I. Tearing up the floor! We’re married, baby! Whitney’s next. Everyone joins us. Photo booth’s a hit. The cake is cut. It’s going so fast. So many here. Families together. Old friends and new. Drinks are flowing. Mum and dad dancing. Chris M-B wasted. Ben rocking the joint. Steve’s half-hour set. Zooming towards the close. I dance wildly. I simply don’t care.

Don’t Stop Me Now. I’m having a ball. New York, New York. Everyone circles. Legs are kicking. It’s all for us. This is just brilliant! Perfect ending. Music stops. Goodbyes are said. Shell’s been amazing. Everyone awesome.

It’s sadly ending. Off to our room.

Best day finished.

Heart Gift 1

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