The last day?

5.45am. My alarm goes off, disturbing a few of the girls in my eight-
berth dorm. Time to abandon ship.

Today I’m doing a sky dive. That’s jumping out of a perfectly good
plane at 14,000 feet with an instructor strapped to your back, in the
hope that the parachute will open ok and we’ll float gracefully down.
Why am I doing this? Well, for one it’s one of my lifetime ambitions.
Secondly, I guess it’s part two of my Point Break Keanu Reeves

First things first, though. I thought as I’m getting up early today I
might as well go a bit earlier and catch sunrise at 6:30 on the east-
facing beach. So I wash and stroll through the increasing light along
the road to the beach. I find a spot and look out. Unfortunately, it’s
a little cloudy out there, so not sure how it will look, but at least
the clouds will provide some effects. Around 6:30, the sun appears.
Wow. Look at it rising! I’m sure there has been many more stunning
sunsets I’m history, but this one is beautiful. The clouds are lined
with a golden edge as yellow dominates the blue and grey. Rays shoot
out as the disc slowly is revealed. A small boat bobbing a short way
out further sets the scene. If this is my last day alive on Earth,
then it’s not a bad start…

It’s 7:2am right now and I’m getting picked up in a few minutes. This
has been written live, so I honestly don’t know if there’ll be a next

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