Being bruised, bitten, bloodied and bearded

You usually think that holidays in the sun are nice, relaxing, safe things to do, but more often than not I find that they frequently come with a few problems!

The trip to Fraser Island made realise that I ought to be careful with myself whilst away. There I was, on top of a sand dune being urged with everyone else to run down it fast. Me being the competitive person I am, I wanted to sprint down there and be one of the first down. Unfortunately, I underestimated gravity and the gradient; physics never was my favourite subject at school. You know that feeling when you’re airborne, totally out of control and knowing you’re gonna land in an awkward way? Well, that was me. Luckily, it wasn’t serious, but my ribs and ego are now a little bit bruised and today I’m feeling a little sorry for myself. “That will teach you to run around crazy, old man!” my mate said to me after I’d fell. Hmmm,,,, guess I’m not 21 any more…

I’m having trouble with my thongs. No, not the underwear kind – the Aussie flip-flop kind. I’ve decided that my feet are just not built for them. Despite the fact that 99% of people go around in thongs, the best I can do is my flip-flops with the straps over the feet, instead of between the toes. If you know my feet, I have a big gap between my big toes and the next one. It’s not my fault – that’s how they are! This makes wearing thongs hard as they slop around and rub between the toes. So I’ve ended up with sore bits and excruciating pain. My flip-flops took a while to get used to as well, so my feet are pretty messed up at the moment! Still, they are hardening up and I haven’t worn socks in ages so at least I nearly look the part now.

Mosquitoes seem to love me. I have multiple bites and goodness knows how many more to come. Damn things.

Finally, I’ve decided to grow a beard. Why not? I had one briefly about nine years ago before doing the goatee thing for a while, and I can’t be arsed shaving every day here. I have the genes for a beard, given that my dad has had one for, like, forever (some say he was even born with one), so we’ll see what a 2009 beard can do for me. Well, it’s a bit of fun and I’m sure it’ll amuse a few people back home. Not sure how long I’ll keep it for, or whether I’ll go back to work with one, but just look out for it in future photos!

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