Sabbatical – the story so far

“How’s the sabbatical going?”

“So what do you do all day now that you’re not working?”

“Do you get up at, like, 12 o’clock?”

“Do you miss work?”

“When and where are you off next?”

These seem to be the regular questions I get asked these days, so I thought I’d answer them all here in a brief update after my 24th day away…


The sabbatical is awful. Constant travelling, planning, all that time to fill. Big mistake. Wish I was back at work…… is this fooling anyone??? Ok, yes, I am having a fantastic time, as you probably know by now if you’ve talked to me or read my blog. I loved Norway and Madrid and I’m excited about the trips coming up, and the freedom I have right now (and appreciate) is fantastic. Haven’t had so many laughs and good days in years…

What do I do all day? Well, most of the time has been spent away, getting ready to be away or planning where to go away next. The “rest” days have been spent seeing family and friends, a bit of running, blogging and photo sorting, Internet chat and only the odd bit of TV (NOT the Jeremy Opera Richard Judy Springfield Wright show or whatever crap they put on!)

I’ve been trying to get up a reasonable time, but admit to one 12pm lie-in! I have been going to bed ridiculously late at times, so it’s not like I’ve been sleeping for 10 hours; far from it. But it’s great knowing I can get up whenever! Alarm clock? What alarm clock?

Do I miss work? Does a bear play polo in the woods?
It does seem strange not working, and I didn’t quite get away from it totally due to the Madrid trip, but I’m more than happy to let Kelly and co handle everything without me getting involved. I have been checking my mailbox regularly to a) keep the numbers down via deleting the spam and obvious emails b) to check footy emails this week and c) as I did give out my work address to a few people, I needed to check it. I’ve avoided looking at any issues, though, and have been pleased at the low numbers I’ve accumulated so far. Once I’m on my big trip, I won’t check it at all, I think.

So – next plans. Well, sorry to do this to you but…

Mid-March: New York. Off for a week to stay with my mate who lives over there. I promised I’d pop over sometime, and the timing suits him so just booked that today. Not got much planned yet, probably visit Manhattan, an ice hockey game, shopping, quality steak and beers, usual NY stuff. Just nice to relax, research a bit for next trip and soak in the Big Apple for a while. Oh, and this time I don’t have to run 26 flipping miles on the Sunday!

End of March: Japan. It’s Japan! I’m real excited about this one – not a usual destination, so it’ll nice to chalk it up on the ol’ passport. Got a week in Tokyo, and have yet to plan what I’m doing but got plenty of info. Mount Fuji, the bullet train, ancient temples, all that technology; should be fantastic. How the heck I’ll get on with the language and customs I’m not sure, but hey, I’ll work something out.

Beginning of April: Flying on to Australia for a month. Flight to Sydney is booked but have yet to plan where I’m going after that. So much to do, it seems, and will talk to people who know it well and one or two contacts I have down there. I hope to pluck up  enough courage to do bungee and sky dive, so expect some interesting blog entries on those days!

After that, well it takes me right up to the back at work date, hurtling straight back into reality. Right now I don’t even want to consider that…I got weeks of fun ahead of me yet!!!

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