So much to do, so little little time to blog!! I’ve got a lot to prepare before I leave these shores, but I want to keep my blog up to date.

Sunday was all about being beaten…in a good way!

I took part in the Ricky Road Race – nine miles on the road, with traffic on an undulating course. Conditions were cool and rainy – perfect preparation for potential New York November weather! My aim was just to treat it as preparation for the marathon – get used to running with other people around me, starting in a crowd, taking on water in little cups that splash all over your face whilst running, that sort of thing. I wanted to try out my marathon pace of ten minute miles, too.

The result? I was well beaten in terms of the race, but achieved it in under 90 minutes and got all the experience I wanted, without really feeling I’d run the nine miles. Good stuff. Next time I won’t hold back and will make sure I overtake my mate Si!

It reminded me of my last road race, many, many years ago in Stondon when it was the course and conditions that beat me. All I remember was some long hills and the hottest day of the year which led me to quit halfway round, exhausted. Hopefully the first and only time I don’t finish.

Finally, Chelsea’s fantastic unbeaten home record was finally ended when Liverpool beat them. At last!! It was beginning to annoy me, them being unbelievingly good at home, so I was delighted to see the mighty Reds finally end that. I know my nephew will read this and is probably still annoyed, so I won’t mention it again. Much.

See you on the other side of the pond, folks!

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