Vegas, Baby!

Booked a trip to Las Vegas at the end of November! Two of my mates had booked the other day, and I ummmmed and ahhhhed for a while before deciding that despite that I’d only be back for a few weeks from the marathon, it just had to be done.

Yeah, we love Vegas. Quite simply, we never have a dull time, and always come back with a ton of classic memories. We’ve had trips with couples, a stag do, times when it’s stupidly hot, times when it’s been cold, but always a top, top holiday.

It’s simply a fantastic city: great food, unbelievable sights, huuuuge hotels, cool gambling, scintillating night life, fantastic shopping, blazing sun (ok, not so much in November!), amazing fountains and, and, and… ok I’ll calm down now! If you’ve been there before you’ll know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but if you get a chance…GO THERE!!!

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