Keane to get going again

We’ve signed Robbie Keane! Listening to all the reaction to this transfer, it’s obvious there are two sets of supporters from each club:
1. Why did we let him go? I’m gutted!
2. Why did we sign him? He’s not worth that much!
3. Good luck to him – he’s done a job for us. Thanks for the money…suckers!
4. We’ve just bought 20 goals for the next few seasons – worth every penny!

I love all the debate of a big transfer. All you can do is quote facts, the past and then risk making a complete idiot of yourself by predicting the future. Where do I stand on this? Definitely no.4 – always rated him, had a good season last year, and a proven goalscorer in the Premier League (although just realised he scored 15 goals in 36 league games last season, 23 in 54 in all competitions, so not quite as prolific as first thought, but still good.)

Shall I jump on the bandwagon then and boldly predict that with Torres we now have the dream partnership that’ll win us our first (he shamefully admits) title in 19 years? Ye…no, of course not! I’ll believe that when I see it!!!

It was a nice distraction, though, from the woe that has been cricket and the long build up to the Olympics. I’m sure to be posting on the latter in the coming month as I rack up the TV miles.

If you take a look to the right (I’ll wait for you to come back, don’t worry) you’ll see that not a lot’s been happening on My Recent Runs list. I did manage to do a few miles on my bike today, however, which felt good. My lack of running’s purely due to the fact that I think somehow someone has swapped my future self’s knees – probably around 80 years old – with mine recently. It’s so frustrating, it’s like my body rebels at the slightest bit of bravado by me in my running. “Ooooh – you were a bit quick there, matey, calm yourself down and have a rest on me. Now where shall I locate the pain this time? Full-on pain or just a niggle?”

I suppose it’s just that it’s finely balanced and I’m not in my twenties any more. I have to be careful, do exercises and get sorted again. I’ve just bought a new book called Treat Your Own Knees which hopefully will do what it says on the tin. It’s certainly informative, and has a series of simple exercises that I’ve just started to follow. Why do I get feeling that I might end up with a library of similar books by the end of my training? Protect Your feet! Stablise Your Ankles in Five Weeks! How to Avoid Jogger’s Nipple in Just Three Easy Steps!

Of course, seeking professional help is also a good option, and so if this does continue, off to a specialist I’ll go. But, then, I am a man and we’re not very good at these things…


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