Running, Rain and the Russian Revolution

Guus Hiddink is a genius! Why didn’t we get him as England manager? He’s just led Russia to the semis at the expense of his home country, Holland. Surprised? Not me – I predicted they’d beat the Dutch, as I reckoned the team in orange had peaked too soon, whereas Russia were just warming up with their playmaker Arshavin back and in form. Still, a 3-1 win extra time win via a superb offensive performance was more than even I expected. Did I tell you I’d got them in a sweepstake? 🙂

Decided to go out for a run today after a couple of day’s rest. The weather outside had different ideas though, as the longest day of the year was threatening to be also the greyest. But then I thought, “Don’t be a wuss! You’ll have to train in the wet sometime!” so off I went on a mixed concrete/grass/trail/flat/slope run. Used my leg sleeves out for the same time, despite looking a bit strange in them, especially in a bedraggled state I was in by the end. But, you know what? You have to not care how you look when you’re running.

So how did I do? Well, I managed three miles in 32 minutes, so that wasn’t bad at all. Several hours on, and my legs feel ok. It wasn’t so bad running in the rain, and certainly character-building!


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