It’s just like riding a bike

The last time I rode a bike was over the Golden Gate Bridge, six years ago, so the setting for my debut ride on my new bike wasn’t exactly grand in comparison! The last bike I owned was nearly 15 years ago, and was slightly different to this new high-tech version.

It was a little strange to start with, but soon got used to the riding position. You never forget, of course, it was just like…well you know! The gears were a bit weird, and I messed up changes quite a few times, but it was great fun traveling so far so easy. At the end of the ride I was a little saddle-sore, and my legs were quite wobbly, but felt I had some great exercise, and looking forward to more trips around Stevenage.

Shin-watch – very good today. There was hardly any tingling or pain – did the up-and-down of the step ladder last night help with my calves and shins? Weird. Perhaps should give tomorrow a rest, and make sure I don’t drink too much on Friday night.

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