I dreaded waking up this morning. Why? Because I had a dreaded feeling that I’d get out of bed and would be in agony with my shins again. Back to square one, more weeks off and big possibly of having to give it all up.

So did I feel a lot of pain? Yes! Hang on – was that just a dream? Did I just dream of waking up in pain? Not sure. 8am I swing my legs out of bed and onto the floor, and stand up, ready to grimace, and…no pain. Not perfect, a bit of tingling, but no big pains. Maybe I’m out of the woods.

The rest of the day went ok, and although still a bit tender I think the exercises and ice really did help a lot. I’ll go for some more short runs over the next week. Did some gardening for once (I am probably the world’s worst gardener!) which involved going up and down a step ladder, so I did stretch my calves a lot, which may not be a good thing.

I also bought a bike today to do cross training to help with the fitness in between runs without risking the shins. A Mongoose Crossway 250 Hybrid. Very light, nothing fancy but perfect for what I want methinks.

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